Cquote1 TRAPS ARE NOT GAY! Cquote2
—''', Typical weebs and fags
Cquote1 There are no men with tits, only chicks with d*cks! Cquote2
—''', You

One is not like the other. The other makes me shudder.

trap, also known as, mental diseasefaggotsfailed abortions are a type of sub-humans that are infamous for baiting a lot of men into thinking that they are genuine females. Trap in this context, refers to the gays who look like women but they are, in actuality, men. Making straight men fall for the trap's deceiving appearance, hence the word, trap. Stupid people who genuinely believes that traps are not gay are the type of people who you never want to talk to.

Chinese cartoonsEdit


A group of anime traps urinating in an unknown restroom.

Trap is a common trope in anime; and it is because of anime that many people were unawarely converted to becoming gay. Instances of converted people liking traps while denying the fact that they are not gay can be found across the Internet.

Damn Chinese cartoons. It still continues to thrive in various forms of medias, turning people into degenerates. Whether it be books or television, the trap trope still make its way onto the aforementioned medias.

Social justice snowflakesEdit


As much as I hate traps, I find this one very sexy.

The SJW community are tremendously triggered by the word "trap" because they believe that it is an insult to the LGBT community. However, I don't give a fark and I will still publish this article anyway.

Trap NationEdit

Did you know that Thailand has the highest trap population? Most of which are prostitutes, mainly targeting foreign men? I know, crazy right?! There is nothing much left to say but I will just leave this very awesome, saucy, spicy, dank meme right here: