Pink Guy after realizing that you, yes YOU suck ass.

Pink Guy is the protector of many realms including ours. He is the offspring of an evil godly entity known as Chin Chin. He is well-known for his lit music and making people uncomfortable. Despite him looking like a retarded sperm or penis of some sort, he deeply cares about the many inhabitants of said realms.


Ever since the creation of the universe, Pink Guy has always been the favorite of Chin Chin. Always ordering Pink Guy to do ill-advised acts such as absorbing energies from other entities in order for Chin Chin itself to live. However, after Pink Guy activated his chromosomes, he realized that what he was doing is wrong. He then rebelled against his father. Shortly after, he was exiled from his own realm and was imprisoned in the realm where Filthy Frank is.


  • He can spit dope bars and roast his opponents in such a manner that it can cause depression to the aforementioned opponent due to Pink Guy's clever wordplay.
  • He can look retarded while being intimidating. He uses this strategy to ward-off anything or anyone that threatens him.