A good example of a normie. Notice its face is covered in paint and that it also resembles another cancerous fad known as the Minions.

Normies are the scum of the Internet. They are well known for liking horrible and outdated memes such as Anti-memes. Normies can be found almost everywhere except for places like 4chan or Reddit however, Reddit itself has been taken over by normies and is now one of their breeding grounds. These individuals are also hated by everyone who consider themselves outcasts due to the normies themselves annoying these said outcasts. Another thing why everyone hate normies is that because they steal memes, killing it and converting it into cancer. Normies are like mindless zombies who are easy to manipulate but is also hard considering that normies take most of the population of the world.

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Imagine a douchey, muscular jock in your school or a thot who always post their unwanted images in social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those are what we call normies. Individuals who are in to mainstream and popular stuff while we outcasts are individuals who are in to other things such as this wiki.

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