Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Also known as: Humanoid Monster Freak Mole
Species: Mole
Age: 37
Friends: Margaret, Rigby and Mordecai
Enemies: Too many to list. LOL!
Relatives: Moles
Occupation: Barista
Eileen is a half mole half human that works at a coffee shop along with Margaret. She wears glasses and likes Margaret, coffee and Rigby. She also likes Mordecai.

Eileen is a lesbian because she likes Margaret. They even went on a date once and married. After a few months, they broke up because Margaret found out that Eileen have a crush on Rigby but they are still friends. Eileen is currently working on a coffee shop.


Margaret x eileen by small spark-d4ypv2y

Margaret and Eileen about to kiss.

When Eileen was a baby, she was abandoned by her parents in the streets of New York City. She grew up as a hobo. When she is 23 years old she helped an old man working at a strippers club. Then the old man hired her as a stripper. She became the most popular stripper in the world.

6 years later, she quitted her job as a stripper then she went to a coffee shop. That's where Margaret and Eileen first saw each other. She married Margaret until Mordecai and Rigby went to the coffee shop. Eileen had a crush on Rigby. When Margaret knew about it, they broke up. Leaving her to chronic depression.

She tried to commit suicide by hanging herself but when Rigby saw her, he tried to stop her from killing herself. Now Rigby and Eileen are husband and wife and they have billions of children.


She always drinks coffee 24/7 because she works at a coffee shop and she needs to be awake so she can work. She have a huge crush on Rigby because she thinks he is a superstar with wizard powers. She also believes that some day, the End of the World is coming.

Some people think she is stupid because she always runs around naked at the coffee shop with a sign that says "END OF THE WORLD IZ COMMINNGSZ!!!!!" Margaret, Rigby and Mordecai are the only one who thinks she is still normal but if you ask me, Eileen is one crazy gal idiot.



Her first female husband. Also her best-friend. Eileen works with Margaret at a coffee shop. Just like Eileen, she is a lesbian too.


Her first husband. Rigby tried to stop Eileen when was about to kill herself.